PAI PF606 (SAC305) NC Solder Paste


PAI PF606 (SAC305) NC Solder Paste


The higher processing temperatures required for lead-free soldering make unprecedented demands on solder pastes. In addition to consistent printing and reflow requirements, there is a need for higher repeatability in high mix, high-yield lines. All these and other Pb-free challenges are met with consistency in PAI’s lead-free pastes. Processable by air or nitrogen reflow, they offer the advantages of excellent wetting characteristics and long shelf life.

PF606  is an Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 alloy with Type 3 particle size (+45 µm 1% less, -20 µm 10% less)  and Type 4 particle size (+38 µm 1% less, -20 µm 10% less) and no-clean ROL0 flux. It comes packaged in a 500-gram & 250-grams jar.

Pb < 1000 ppm, Cd < 20 ppm

High print speed: 0-120 mm/sec

Over 8 hours stencil life

Extended tack time > 12 hours

Excellent wettability

Low void

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