WELCOME TO Persang Alloy Industries

Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd.is one of the largest Manufacturers of SOLDERS, (Eco-Friendly) LEAD-FREE SOLDERS, LEAD-FREE SOLDER PASTES, LIQUID FLUXES SOLDERING CHEMICALS in India. Backed with a solid reputation of advanced technological know-how, coupled with customer-centric policy, it has been awarded the much sought-after ISO 1400:2015 and ISO 14501:2018 Certification by TUV, Rheinland. Set up way back in 1989, PAIPL currently operates the most advanced and efficient manufacturing facilities wherein large volumes of “VIRGIN” Tin and Lead are processed.

Customer Policy: At PAIPL, customer satisfaction is paramount to everything else. Little wonder, satisfied clients turn to us time and again. Speediest goods delivery assured high-quality products at competitive prices, an all-India marketing network and after-sales service support assure complete peace of mind.

Growth At PAIPL: Since its inception, PAIPL has grown many folds because of continuous R&D in the solder industry. PAIPL is already “A complete solution to solders and still, it’s R&D is thriving for new technologies and new product development for the end-users. PAIPL produces 2000.00 M.T. of SOLDERS & PREFORMS annually.PAIPL Exports its products to leading customers to EUROPE & ASIA.


To have a global name, make our customers delight and provide human services. In all activities we seek professional excellence, Ethical means justify our noble ends. To invent & innovate.


We shall strive to be a value-based organization seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes, services & creating wealth to serve the society at large.